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1. Parents must support the child’s team/squad and teach the value of commitment to the team/squad.
2. Parents must emphasize the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
3. Help the children and American Youth Football make athletic contests a positive educational experiences.
4. Show courtesy to opponents, coaches and officials.
5. Direct constructive criticism of the athletic program to the athletic director or association officials and work toward a positive result for all concerned.
6. Do not criticize officials, direct abuse or use profane language toward them, or otherwise subvert their authority.
7. Do not undermine , in work or deed, the authority of the coach or administration.
8. Do not intrude onto the field, stand on the sideline , or yell from the bleachers at or to the coaches, referees or administration.
9. Please stay within the desiganted parent zone during practice and games.
10. No Smoking in the stands or in the prescence of the children.
Any parent or fan who violates the code of conduct risks the further participation of the child in the program. The procedure is as follows:
Any fan who violates the code of conduct or becomes a nuisance will be asked to leave by the head coach and can be suspended from all team activities.  If the fan fails to leave upon request, the child may be suspended from further participation in team activities by the head coach.  The head coach along with the executive board will decide if the duration of the suspension is to be longer than one to four weeks or if the child will be dropped from the program. 

Code of Conduct

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