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The Triad Elite Ducks welcomes all boys and girls to play football, within age and weight guidelines established by our national organizational body American Youth Football and by our local governing body, Piedmont Youth Football and Cheer League (please see below for more details).
Please check our calendar on the Home page practice times.
All games are played on Saturdays.  All players are required to be at the field of play at least 1 hour before game time.
Minimum Play Rule
Every player is guaranteed a minimum number of plays during a game. Each level has a different Minimum Play Rule and Field monitor’s record and verifies the number of plays to ensure each player receives their minimum play requirements. All teams Minimum Play Rule is based on the number of players that have been certified to play in the game. For the competitive teams, the number of minimum plays will range from 6 to 10 plays.  All minimum play requirements must be satisfied by the end of the 3rd quarter.
Weight Certification
PYFCL will no longer provided weighted football. Starting our 2021 season all football is unweighted

Football Overview

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