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  • Practice and games may sometimes be postponed due to heavy/excessive rain.  Please check the information line and/or the website for details.
  • All athletic activity shall be suspended immediately by the official in charge when the first sound of thunder is heard and/or the first sighting of lightning.
  • All participants, coaches, and spectators are to leave the field immediately and go to their vehicles or to the area specified by the coaches or league director.
  • Activity will be resumed once the official has determined the environment is safe regardless of the perceived location of the storm.  The official in charge on the field will make the call on when it is safe to resume activity within the first 20 minutes. If the official does not feel the environment is safe they will cancel activities for the day. 
Extreme Heat:
  • The heat index is defined by the National Weather Service as the combination of air temperature (degrees) and relative humidity (percent).  PYFCL will cancel activities for all organizations on days when the Heat Index is above 104.  If activities are cancelled the Triad Elite Ducks will alter scheduled activities on days where the Heat Index is above 94 at the discretion of the Ducks Board of Directors. 
  • While on the field, heat exhaustion is a threat for participants, coaches, and spectators. Treatment for all heat related conditions involves immediately moving the person to a cool place, removing equipment and unnecessary clothing. Fluids must be immediately administered and elevation of the feet above the heart to stabilize blood pressure and circulation to the brain.  


Inclement Weather

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